Laura WhiteWelcome to Gel Glitter Pens, a website dedicated to creativity and fun writing instruments! My name is Laura, and I have been keeping a journal since I was eight years old. As a lifelong writer and as someone who has a Masters of Fine Arts in Creative Writing, I’m sure you can imagine how important pens are to me. I ended up writing my entire master’s thesis in longhand and used a variety of fun pens to keep myself interested and engaged. It was a wonderful and artistically productive time in my life.

After graduate school ended, though, I struggled with generating a regular output of writing and struggled to find others with whom to share my love for writing and creativity. After thinking about it for some time, I decided to start building an online artist’s community.

That’s my goal for this website: to create a place where artists and writers can come to inspire themselves. My hope is that each visit will spark your own creativity and send you off to fill your blank canvas or your page. If you’re an artist or writer who is struggling with your own creativity, due to work or family obligations, then I can relate. I know all too well how difficult it is to hold down a day job and search for inspiration at the end of a long day.

In order to unblock as a writer and artist, I started to give myself weekly creative tasks centered around a small but do-able project, designed to stretch my creative muscles. I am happy to say that this has had a wonderful impact on my writing. I am now writing regularly, thanks to these exercises. This website and my blog is a way for me to share these projects with you. They include activities like creating invitations, experimenting with Japanese line art, creative journaling and tips for which pens to use with your sketchbook.

If you ever need a hand or have ay questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

All the best,
Founder, Gel Glitter Pens

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