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Set of 60 Tanmit Gel Glitter Pens


After trying out a variety of gel pens, we have found that not all pens work well for every application. Some pens are better for writing, while others are best for coloring, sketching and drawing, or painting and filling. Gelly Roll pens, for example, are wonderful for coloring books, but they aren’t a great choice for journaling. They tend to skip when writing, but they lay down color in a nice, even tone without bleeding through pages.

Creative Projects

We also offer weekly projects that are designed to help you tap into your own creativity. As adults, we may struggle to find inspiration that once came to us so easily. Obligations to family or work often come first, leaving us feeling out of touch with our creative impulses. If we’ve continued in this vein for awhile, the thought of putting pen to paper–whether we have a desire to write, draw or learn hand lettering–can feel scary.

Having struggled with continuing to be creative in our own lives, we understand the need to start out gently. If you have a desire to be creative but are terrified of a blank page, we offer beginning projects for writers and artists. And if all of that just seems like too much, well, you can always get started with a coloring book and a set of gel glitter pens! You’ll find recommendations in our reviews of the best glitter gel pens for adult coloring books. Once you’re feeling a sense of safety with your creativity, you can venture into new territory with one of our weekly projects.

Best of Lists

As you take a look around our website, you’ll find in-depth reviews of gel glitter pens as well as our recommendations for the best pens for the following applications:

  • Writing and journaling
  • Coloring
  • Artwork

We also seek out other websites where you can check out gel pen artwork for other artists.

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Why Trust Us?

Over the years, we have used hundreds of gel pens in our writing and creative artwork. We genuinely love pens! And, we love sharing our knowledge with others. GelGlitterPens founder Laura White wrote her entire master’s thesis in gel pens and found that she was more engaged with her writing when she allowed herself to write with pens that included glitter. So, when we find a product that works, we’ll definitely let you know, and we tell you, too, which products don’t work as well.

We hope you’ll find the information you need to make informed decisions about which pens to purchase as well as creative projects to inspire you. If you have any suggestions or questions at all, please feel free to contact us at support@gelglitterpens.com.